Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Before I get into it, let me introduce the concept of this blog.   It all started during my summer engineering internships, where I soon realized that engineering isn't quite like it's advertising to a burgeoning youth in high school.  They tell you, "Hey, as an aerospace engineer you'll get to build the next space shuttle!"  Cool!  Where do I sign up?  Well guess what, the space shuttle has been retired.  Also, what they don't tell you is that it's not like playing with a bunch of legos or building something out of your garage.  No, you're cooped up in a padded box working out the nitpicky details of a lightswitch and arguing with a factory in China (that only wants to cut corners) why a lightswitch actually needs to 'switch.' 

They often told us when we were growing up to "think outside the box." As I watched the cubicle plants slowly dieing, I realized that there must be more to life outside this padded "box" of a cubicle.  So I broke free, and decided to travel, to experience what else is out there, and to do it in a manner not befitting a tourist.  What will follow are my experiences, reviews, what I learned, and opinionated "facts" about living and 'retiring' outside of the 'box.'  For those still in the office, this will be your daily time waster (or one of many).  You'll get to travel without ever leaving the comfort of your own ergonomic office chair.  You're welcome.  I travel so you don't have to.  I hope you'll enjoy the ride.

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