Sunday, February 24, 2013

Moving to Spain and the joys of renting a Spanish apartment

Thousands of British, German, Scandinavian, etc. expats have moved to Spain.  And why not?  Good food, great weather, and it seems like there's a fiesta every weekend somewhere within an hour of where you are.  Did I mention the cheap cost of living?  As is the case whenever you move to a foreign country, there are always different things to get used to.  The norms of renting an apartment are no exception.  In Spain, they often come fully furnished.  And that means everything from silverware to furniture to even a toothbrush left behind in the bathroom...

One renter's surprise tops them all however.  My new apartment was covered floor to ceiling with paintings.  While they weren't ugly per se, it was just too much.  It was time to redecorate.  As I took them down, I noticed a few had bugs and even other paintings on the backside of the canvas.  Then I came to the large landscape in the hallway. 

The last to come down.  As I carefully lifted it off its hooks, something caught my eye.  Hiding behind this indescript landscape was a life-size nude portrait.  Painted in 1969, one wonders how many decades she lay waiting for this day.  To have the chance to show off her radiant glow.  I was shocked and filled with teh laughter of a giddy little school boy.  I cross-referenced "Desnuda" with the family photos (also left behing to hang on the walls of the apartment) but no match was made.  I'm afraid who she is will forever remain a mystery.  Though her name may be forgotten, the memory of my poor little Desnuda will live on so long as I'm alive.